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What Quick Track Offers

In the fast-paced world of real estate, keeping your transactions on track is essential for success. As a dedicated real estate agent or broker, you might find that your firm's software doesn't always align with your needs. That's where Contract2Close’s Quick Track plan steps in to provide the control and flexibility you need.

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Take Control of Your Deals

Contract2Close.com understands that one-size-fits-all software isn’t always the answer. Our Quick Track plan is designed for individual real estate professionals who want to maintain control over their transactions while also managing their own records and contacts.


Protect Your Reputation

Your name is your brand. Contract2Close.com offers a comprehensive software package that ensures you stay on top of every detail, enhancing your reputation with a user-friendly system.


Relationship Manager

Your clients, Your Contacts. We’ve been in your shoes. Whether you use our Quick Track Plan monthly or A-La-Carte, we hold your TRM data for you. The Contract2Close.com Smart TRM Grows with Your Usage.


Timely Notifications

With the Quick Track plan, set up your transactions and activate your dashboard in less than 90 seconds once contract data is active. Receive timely notifications for all your critical deadlines, keeping you ahead of the game.

Master Every Real Estate Transaction

Real estate transactions involve multiple components and participants, each with their own deadlines. Juggling these critical dates for various transactions can be exhausting. That’s where Contract2Close comes to the rescue.

Manage transaction plans

Our user-friendly dashboard, paired with robust software, allows you to create and manage transaction plans for each client. You’ll receive notifications about critical progress and milestones, ensuring a seamless journey to a successful closing for every client.

The Full Pricing Details

Quick Track
A La Carte
Single Transaction, pay as you go (no monthly subscription required)
Quick Track
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: 1
Quick Track
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: Up To 5

Included With All Plans

  • Up To 10 Monthly Transactions
  • Complete Transaction Sequencing Visibility
  • Compliance Risk Reductions
  • Interactive Dashboard Notifications
  • Important Transaction Financials
  • Home Office Notifications
  • Critical Milestone Date Response Flag Notification
  • Comprehensive Tracking of All Important Contract Details
  • Deal Progress Meter

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract2Close.com’s Quick Track Plan is a streamlined, user-friendly platform designed to simplify and expedite your residential real estate transactions. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage contracts, deadlines, and financial details efficiently. It’s an ideal choice for agents who value speed and efficiency in their transactions.
With the Quick Track Plan, you can easily handle multiple transactions from one central platform. It provides a clear overview of each transaction’s status, key dates, and financial details, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. This capability is essential for agents dealing with high transaction volumes.
Yes, you can. The Quick Track Plan is designed to be accessible from desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. You can work on your transactions wherever you are, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your real estate operations.
The Quick Track Plan was developed by seasoned real estate professionals who understand the unique needs of agents. It combines robust features with a user-friendly interface, providing a tailored solution for agents who want to streamline their transactions without unnecessary complexity.
One of the standout features of the Quick Track Plan is its efficiency. You can input transaction data rapidly, saving you valuable time. This speed is especially beneficial for agents who need to manage multiple transactions and stay ahead of deadlines.

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