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About Residential Pro

Real estate transactions can often be a complex puzzle, even for seasoned agents and brokers. That's why Contract2Close.com’s founder, drawing from her own experience along with insights gathered from colleagues, has developed a powerful platform tailored specifically for real estate professionals at all stages of their careers.

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Why Choose Residential Pro?

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Everything in One Dashboard

Contract2Close brings all the information you need about your brokerage transactions into one user-friendly platform. Access your transactions and update their timelines effortlessly.


Customizable Timelines

Recognizing that no two residential contracts are the same, Contract2Close allows you to customize your transaction timelines to match your unique needs.


Comprehensive Commission Calculations

Simplify the intricate world of commission calculations. covering all the nuances including, referral fees, concessions, royalties and or franchise fees, splits and more.

Experience Efficiency
Like Never Before

Contract2Close takes the traditional contract-to-close checklist and transforms it into a personal journey of efficiency. Every transaction becomes transparent, and tracking critical milestones in your transactions becomes effortless.

Introducing the Transaction
Relationship Manager (TRM)

To simplify your data processes, Contract2Close has introduced an efficient Transaction Relationship Manager. This component understands: Your Transactions, Your Clients. Build your virtual Rolodex and recall contacts with ease, the Contract2Close.com smart TRM grows with your usage.

The Full Pricing Details

A La Carte
Single Transaction, pay as you go (no monthly subscription required)
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: 1
Pro Teams
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: Up To 5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contract2Close.com’s Residential Pro plan is designed with a deep understanding of the unique needs of residential agents. It offers an intuitive, feature-rich platform tailored to streamline residential transactions, making your job easier and more efficient.
Our Residential Pro plan provides a comprehensive tracking system for all vital closing details, including contract dates, purchase price details, earnest money, and more. It helps you stay organized, meet critical deadlines, and provide a top-notch service to your clients.
Yes, Contract2Close.com promotes collaboration among all parties involved in every separate real estate transaction. You can easily invite other professionals to collaborate within the platform, ensuring seamless communication.
Our Residential Pro plan goes beyond basic transaction management. It offers a user-friendly interface, active response flags for critical contract milestones, and a customizable dashboard that provides a clear picture of your transactions’ progress
Absolutely. We provide a feature that allows Team Leaders, Managing Brokers, or Office Managers to have a higher-level view of their team members’ transactions, enabling them to monitor the ongoing progress of each team member effectively.
Our Residential Pro plan simplifies commission calculations, including referral fees, splits, and other nuances. It ensures accurate and transparent commission tracking, making sure you’re correctly compensated for your hard work. It provides transparency in the financial aspects of your transactions, helping you stay financially organized.

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