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Selecting the right commercial brokerage software is crucial for real estate companies, yet finding a solution tailored to the unique demands of commercial transactions can be a daunting task.

Contract2Close changes the game with our specialized platform designed exclusively for commercial real estate transactions.

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Why Opt for Contract2Close.com Commercial Pro?

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Commercial Real Estate-Specific Features

Recognizing the complexity of commercial transactions, Contract2Close incorporates specific features for due diligence, title commitment, escrow tranches, zoning, building square footage, tenant square footage, lease terms and lease expiration and triggers and much more. These features are seamlessly integrated into our platform, mirroring the efficiency of residential features.


Ease of Use for Teams

In the world of commercial real estate, collaboration is key. Contract2Close's software is built to accommodate teams. Create team dashboards, invite fellow professionals, and effortlessly share read-only copies of your transactions.


Practical Additions for Commercial Real Estate

Our platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial real estate agents, allowing you to focus on the most critical aspects of your transactions.

A Streamlined Dashboard For Multiple Transactions

Contract2Close takes you beyond a simple checklist, offering a user-friendly dashboard that keeps everything coordinated. This detailed dashboard ensures that your commercial transactions stay on track in the ever-evolving and bustling commercial real estate market.

The Full Pricing Details

A La Carte
Single Transaction, pay as you go (no monthly subscription required)
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: 1
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: Up To 5
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: Up To 10
Large Team
For large brokerage teams, contact us for pricing.
Transactions: Unlimited
Seats: 11+

Included With All Plans

Every Detail Accounted For

Contract2Close's platform offers everything you need in one convenient location:

Agent Commission Calculations
Team Collaboration

The dashboard provides comprehensive overviews of each commercial transaction timeline while storing all relevant data securely in your personal account.

Transaction Relationship Management

Contract2Close was designed with transaction relationship management in mind, focusing on reducing repetitive work.

This approach is evident in the Commercial Pro plan, where every detail is meticulously mapped out and stored securely in the Cloud for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract2Close.com’s Commercial Plan is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of commercial real estate professionals. It streamlines your operations, enhances efficiency, offers customizable options, and promotes seamless collaboration. Our platform is a valuable tool to stay competitive and excel in the commercial real estate market while maximizing your productivity and success.
Our Commercial Plan is customizable to adapt to your specific requirements. Whether you’re involved in retail, office, industrial, or multi-family transactions, our plan details can be tailored to suit your niche.
Contract2Close.com enhances collaboration for commercial transactions by providing a centralized platform that brings all stakeholders together and streamlines communication. By providing a unified workspace, we offer a single organized space where all transaction participants, including clients, brokers, attorneys, lenders, and more can be involved. This eliminates the need for scattered emails, phone calls, or physical meetings. This approach fosters efficient collaboration among all parties involved, thereby reducing delays, minimizing errors, which ultimately leads to smoother and more successful deals.
Contract2Close.com can help you effectively manage leases for commercial properties by providing a centralized platform with specialized features for lease management. We help you with everything from document storage for lease agreements, amendments, and related documents in one secure location. Access them whenever you need to review terms. We also help you track key dates and send automated alerts for critical dates such as lease expirations, renewal options and note rent escalations. This helps you stay on top of important lease milestones and avoid missed deadlines.
Yes, Contract2Close.com is suitable for both small and large brokerages. Our platform is designed to cater to the diverse needs and scale of real estate businesses, ensuring that it can effectively support transactions of varying sizes and complexities.
Our pricing plans are structured to be affordable for small brokerages, allowing them to access the same advanced transaction management tools as larger firms without breaking the bank. As small brokerages grow, they can easily scale their usage of Contract2Close.com to accommodate increased transaction volume and additional team members. We offer competitive rates that make it affordable for businesses of all sizes to access our platform’s advanced features and enhance their commercial real estate transactions while managing costs effectively.

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